• Permanent Resident
  • Protected Person as defined in S. 95 of IRPA
  • Individuals who have been selected to become Permanent Residents, and who have been informed, by a letter from IRCC.

  • Live-in Caregiver or Temporary Foreign Worker
  • Provincial Nominees who are still awaiting a letter of approval for permanent residency from IRCC.
  • Naturalized Canadian Citizen

  • Priority given to newcomers who have been in Canada five (5) years or less


  • Explore your goals and prepare a career plan.
  • Connect with employers and networking opportunities.
  • Access career-relevant volunteer opportunities.

  • Understand how your skills fit in the local job market.
  • Learn and practice interview skills.
  • Connect with specialized employment and training programs.

  • Create resumes, cover letters and reference lists.
  • Understand employer and workplace expectations.
  • Improve your digital skills gaps to better understand the needs for employment and provide relevant training/support (see below).
Additional Services

Employment Digital Literacy Support

The Job Quest program also offers specialized essential digital skills training to prepare you for today’s job search through group webinars, self-paced job search online learning and one-on-one personalized support.

The training is done at our dedicated Job Lab at our Terminal office and also via Zoom.

“Not only was my Career Facilitator very professional throughout the whole journey, she was also exceptional in always going the extra mile.”

Eligible participants can also access:

Participants will be assessed for eligibility and suitability.

  • Job matching and placement services.
  • Support services include childminding for on-site workshops, interpretation, translation, and bus tickets after a needs assessment.

  • Occupation-specific mentorship.
  • Essential skills training (document use, reading, numeracy).

  • Employment focused digital literacy support.
  • Self-employment assistance.

Employer Diversity & Inclusion Training Series

Funding Partners

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