Are you hiring?

Let us do the work for you at no cost!

Recruiting and selecting candidates is time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming, but ISSofBC can help employers connect with talented job seekers. Here are a few reasons to contact us:

1. Find the skilled employees you need: our clients have skills and experience.

2. Save time: we will screen resumes and identify suitable candidates for you.

3. Save money: reduce your advertising costs.

4. Hire “job-ready” immigrants: we prepare our clients for the Canadian workplace and screen them for language.

5. Free job matching: we identify suitable candidates for your positions.

6. Free job fairs: meet skilled immigrants and interview prospective employees.

7. These solutions are free of charge.

Each year, thousands of immigrants come through our doors, ready to contribute to Canadian companies. These highly motivated and skilled individuals could be the employees you are looking for.

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