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Career Services

Maple 2.0 Mentorship

Are you looking to gain Canadian work experience in your field of expertise? We offer mentorship placement opportunities and more.

MAPLE 2.0 provides 4-to 12-week placement opportunities for Internationally Trained Professionals to gain Canadian work experience and start working in their field.

We provide:

  • Canadian work experience in your profession through three-month unpaid mentorship placements
  • Access to knowledgeable staff, career advisors, training, and mentors who supervise you during your placements, providing advice, guidance and valuable input on your career transition
  • Opportunities to create and expand your professional networks in Canada
  • Opportunity to acquire ‘Canadian References’

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Thank you for your interest in MAPLE 2.0. Our services  ended March 31 however our new employment program--Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants offers similar support to bridge you to a career in BC.

Who can join?

To participate in a MAPLE 2.0 work placement program you must have:

  • Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee status
  • Work-ready English language skills
  • Canadian citizens are not eligible to participate in this program.

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