What we do

Whether you’re a professional or a skilled tradesperson looking for local training and certification, or considering a career change, our foreign credential recognition (FCR) loans program can help.

How can you get your foreign qualifications recognized in Canada?

  • We provide easy approval low-interest loans to fund local training, retraining and professional or trades certifications.
  • We offer up to five years’ free employment services to meet your short-term and long-term career goals.

If you’re looking for a job, you may need to complete the FCR process to verify your foreign credentials in Canada. This may require additional training and employment services.


  • BC resident
  • Permanent Resident
  • Naturalized Canadian citizen

  • Granted refugees
  • You have obtained your post-secondary education outside of Canada.
  • Legally permitted to work in Canada.


Certification and training Information

Provide information and selection about certification and training for a specific occupation in Healthcare, Engineering, Legal, Business, IT, Education, Social Service and other professions (see full list).

Opportunity Exploration

Explore career opportunities within your field or career change related/unrelated to your pre-arrival career.

Mentor and Volunteer Opportunities

Mentoring and volunteering to improve your soft skills, Canadian work experience and portfolio building.

Action Planning

Develop an individualized action plan and employment services to help you succeed in your career goals.

Access to Webinars

Job search and career planning webinars to improve your resume, LinkedIn profile, interview and networking skills for better job offers.

Additional Support

Provide connections to other employment services, resources, employers, and job opportunities.

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Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program

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