• Temporary Foreign Workers

  • Committed to engage in an individualized online learning plan.

  • Adequate English language skills to participate actively in the program.

Online Topics Include

Understanding the Canadian Workplace

  • Navigate cultural differences at work
  • Learn workplace communication.

Job Search Support & Webinars   

  • Learn job search skills & see where you fit in the local job market  
  • Get employment support with our case manager   
  • Participate in webinars   


Practicing Assertiveness, Stress Management and Conflict Resolution

  • Learn collaborative communication and how to build team relationships
  • Understand constructive feedback
  • Address unconscious bias
  • Understand “Canadian Experience” concerns
  • Learn conflict management skills.

Learning Tips on Clear Communication

  • Improve communication skills for better relationships
  • Know exactly what is being communicated to avoid misunderstandings.


E-Connect provides:

  • Needs assessment, including strengths and barriers
  • Development of an individualized learning plan
  • Access to online learning courses/topics.
  • Individualized feedback on assignments from an experienced case manager
  • Progress monitoring to ensure individual needs are met.

Our staff can refer you to:

  • Appropriate community resources
  • Further employment and settlement services based on assessed needs.

Testimonial from a previous participant:  

The most helpful part for me was “Different Conflict Management Styles”. It is really good to know how each one works and how to apply them in my life. Thank you so much for all the learning I’ve got from this program. It has been helping me a lot.  

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