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If you’re a newcomer with professional experience in Construction, Engineering and Technology but struggling to find work, Career Paths can help you re-align your profession to a career in BC by focusing services to your education, training and experience in:

Construction and Engineering:

NOC 0711 Constructions Managers
NOC 2131 Civil Engineers
NOC 2132 Mechanical Engineers
NOC 2133 Electrical + Electronics Engineers
NOC 2151 Architects


NOC 2171 Information Systems Analysts + Consultants
NOC 2173 Software Engineers + Designers
NOC 2174 Computer Programmers + Interactive Media Developers
NOC 2281 Computer Network Technicians
NOC 2175 Web Designers and Developers

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants:

  • provides self-paced, flexible services in-person and online;
  • provides access to funded skills training and upgrading;
  • helps you gain Canadian work experience; and,
  • connects you with a dynamic support system and an expert team of Career Strategists, Resource Advisors, and Employer Relations Specialists.


  • Funded skills training and upgrading.

  • Workshops with regulatory boards, associations and employers (e.g. Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, BC Hydro & SiteBC)

  • Action planning tailored to your career goals.

  • Evaluation and assessment of your credentials.

  • Referral to occupation-specific language training.

  • One-on-one job search support for your targeted occupation.

  • Connections to mentors and employers.

  • Work placement and practicum opportunities.

  • In-person and remote services available through online sessions.


  • Permanent resident within the last 10 years

  • Protected Persons

  • One (1) year of pre-arrival experience in the fields of Construction, Engineering and Technology

  • Minimum CLB 6 (Intermediate to Advanced English)

  • Pre-arrival experience

  • Underemployed or unemployed

Switching sectors solved project manager’s employment challenge

With his extensive global experience in engineering and management, Shashank still came up against the proverbial “no Canadian experience” barrier. Connecting to an ISSofBC employment program targeted towards immigrant professionals helped him overcome his frustrations and today, Shashank’s career goals are growing even bigger.

Here are more resources to support your job goals:

Career Development


Do you want to enroll or have questions?

Attend an online info session. Info sessions are offered every Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

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