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What You’ll Learn

  • How to make new friends from many different countries, while learning English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • Useful and practical topics such as housing, banking and transportation

  • About Canada and Canadian culture
  • The confidence to express yourself in English
  • Links to settlement and employment services


You can join if you:

  • are a Permanent Resident and 17 years old or older
  • have completed an assessment at a LINC Assessment Centre

Learn how to register and complete the assessment

Naturalized Canadian Citizens can take LINC in Squamish, Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast

Not eligible?


Success Story

“Before I started my LINC classes at ISSofBC, I felt uncomfortable going outside my home since I didn’t know how to speak English.

Now I am very happy and proud that I am able to speak and interact with others by speaking English and being able to listen and understand.

In 2019, my car got stolen. During that time, I was able to speak to the police and ICBC. I am very proud of myself because I was able to understand them and they were able to understand me as well.

These things happened because of this educational program from ISSofBC. It changes many people’s lives, especially mine.

At first, it was difficult but the teachers encouraged me a lot to keep learning. When I came to CLB 6 (Canadian Language Benchmark), I was able to understand how the technology worked. I also learned a lot about Canada’s history.

I was also able to make new friends from different countries which was a great experience for me learning together with them about Canada. I was also able to help my children with their homework.”

Reasons to Study at ISSofBC LINC

  • Friendly, highly-trained teachers with university degrees and Teaching English as a second language (TESL) qualifications
  • The latest technology for classrooms: touch-screen SMART boards, computers/laptops and language software
  • Blended online learning for many CLB 4 to 8 classes – you finish faster with an additional three hours of online learning

  • Janis’s ESL website for CLB 1 to 7 – this ISSofBC-created website allows independent language practice online
  • Learning in Action (LIA) – special opportunities to practice speaking English with a volunteer in the community
  • ISSofBC is a leader in  Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA) – know when you are ready for the next level by checking your learning in your language portfolio

Available at:

(CLB 7 and 8 classes are available in Vancouver and Squamish only)

  • Vancouver
  • Coquitlam
  • Maple Ridge
  • New Westminster
  • Richmond
  • Squamish

  • Whistler
  • Pemberton
  • Gibsons
  • Sechelt
  • Powell River
  • Lillooet
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