• Immigrant and refugee women 19 years of age and older (all individuals who identify as women are welcome)

  • Burnaby – eligibility is limited to permanent residents.

Leadership and facilitation training program eligibility

  • Immigrant and refugee women aged 24 and up with minimum CLB 5 (all individuals who identify as women are welcome)

  • Candidates must have an immigrant and/or refugee background and a strong desire to give back to their communities by assisting other immigrant and refugee women with the adjustment process.

  • Successful candidates must make a commitment to attending the leadership training and facilitating peer support group(s)

What you will do


  • Meet other women to make new friends and build support networks.
  • Learn about life in Canada and the local community.
  • Develop your leadership and facilitation skills to become a leader in your community.
  • Use your skills to help other immigrant and refugee women.

“Program participants have reported an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, formed lasting friendships and become more aware of the various services and resources available to them as well as gained a better understanding of Canadian culture.”


Peer support group

  • Drop-in program

  • 10-weeks long in English or select first languages

  • Be welcomed in a safe and confidential space

  • Receive support for your settlement challenges

  • Learn more about Canadian culture

  • Build connections with resources in the community.

  • Share experiences and discuss common concerns

Leadership and facilitation training

  • 14-week program taught by experts from various fields

  • Develop skills to become community leaders and role-models

  • Graduates go on to facilitate a peer support group with the assistance of our staff

  • Receive: PeerNet Facilitation Certification and ISSofBC Leadership and Facilitation Training Certificate.
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