Interest Rates

We support you when you are unemployed, underemployed, lack steady income, lack a credit score for a bank loan, or have limited funding from other government programs.

  • Low interest: Prime + 0.5% (for the most up-to-date prime rate, please look at Vancity’s Prime Rate)
  • 4-year loan with first 16-months interest only (single digit monthly loan payment for loans under $2,300; $65 monthly loan payment for $15,000)
  • No early repayment penalties to save your interest cost
  • Multiple loans available
  • Loan approval within 1-5 business days

    Loans can help cover the costs of:

  • Evaluation of credentials
    Short-term training (online courses or in school learning)

  • Examination fees
  • Membership fees
  • Books and course materials (including laptop and software for training)
  • Other uses to help you in your career goals

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