Building a diverse work force is good for business

Hiring immigrants not only helps them build careers in Canada, but also offers new opportunities for you to grow your business. We can help you tap into a hidden talent pool, reap the benefits of a diverse workforce, and customize training for your employees that will improve your business. Connect with to learn more.

    Hiring Services

    Our expert team of specialists bridge the gap between job opportunities in your organization and the talents of skilled immigrants we work with. We can help you find and hire the right employees at no cost to your business.

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    SmartMove helps you attract and retain newcomer talent through its innovative methods and reputation for understanding newcomer employment issues. This...

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    Hiring Resources

    We can help with recruitment, onboarding, orientation and retention of immigrant employees. You will have access to resources that can make a big difference when it comes to understanding and evaluating immigrant applicants.

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    Workplace Training

    We offer a variety of training services to help you enjoy the benefits of a diverse workforce, as well as customized training for your employees to ensure their skills and experience are fully utilized.

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