Hoping to kickstart her career upon settling in Canada, Betty Lin sent out resumes to many Canadian employers while she was still in China. She netted an interview, but not a job. Once Betty connected with ISSofBC’s In-TAC pre-arrival service, things started moving in an exciting, amazing direction!

Services Applied
  • Targeted resumes and cover letters
  • Interview coaching
  • Mock interview and debrief
  • Understanding employment contracts and BC Employment Standards
  • Tips on Canadian workplace culture


Betty’s resume and cover letter needed major work to become presentable to Canadian employers. They were not customized or targeted as she used only one resume and cover letter to apply for all the jobs she was interested in. She was not familiar with the Canadian job interview process: one pre-arrival online interview she underwent did not lead to a job offer. Betty also needed help with negotiating employment contracts, understanding BC Employment Standards and communicating with Canadian employers.


ISSofBC’s In-TAC pre-arrival counsellor worked closely with Betty to develop resumes and cover letters that were targeted to the jobs she was applying for. She also conducted a mock job interview, giving Betty detailed feedback on her answers to improve her interview skills. The counsellor regularly provided encouragement during Betty’s job search. Once she was offered a job from her company of choice, the counsellor helped Betty understand her employment contract before signing. She also received information on BC Employment Standards and Canadian workplace culture.


By being proactive in preparing for a productive job search in Canada, and by diligently following the suggestions and tips provided by her counsellor based halfway around the world, Betty landed her first job which carried an attractive salary within just seven days of her arrival in Vancouver in September, 2016. From that first job as an accounting assistant, Betty moved up into a senior accountant position in another reputable company before securing her current job as a financial analyst in Sodexo, a Fortune 500 company.

“I’m really grateful for Lin’s help. She started to work with me in June to coach me on my resume and to conduct a mock interview. I was able to find my first job in a week (after landing in Canada in October) because of the help I received from her and the In-TAC Pre-arrival program.”

(original quote in Chinese):

“真的非常感谢lin的帮助,从6月开始指导我简历,给我做mock interview,使我才能在一周之内就能找到工作!? ”