The refugee claim process can be very confusing but we are here to help. The videos below also offer a helpful guide on each step of the process.

Step One: Understanding the process

This video gives you a brief overview of what to expect during the refugee claims process.

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Step Two: Meeting your ISSofBC Settlement Worker

We are hear to support you. One of the first steps on this journey is meeting with your Settlement Worker who will help explain what you need to do next and the different documents you will need.

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Steps Three: Applying for social assistance

If you are not able to afford your daily costs, the Government of Canada may be able to provide you with social assistance. Watch the video below to understand how to apply:


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Steps Four: How to open a bank account

Before you can start working in Canada, you must have a bank account. We can help you decide which bank is best for you and your needs, so watch the video below and talk to your Settlement Worker to choose your best option:

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Step Five: Accessing medical care

Medical care in British Columbia is free through the Medical Services Plan (MSP) but you need to be eligible and apply once you arrive. Your Settlement Worker will help you with this process but you can also learn about it in the video below:

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Step 6: Appling for a Work Permit

Finding a job in Canada can give you independence and security as you settle in to your new home. This video will help you understand the best way for you to get a work permit in BC:

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