If you are having trouble finding work in the technology sector, thinking about an alternative career may lead to big success in your job search.

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Success Stories

How’d they do it? Click on any success story of newcomers who’ve made a change to an alternative career, which means they’ve often left behind a regulated occupation for a new path in a different, often unregulated, occupation.

IMPACT Success Stories


Advice from our friends

You’ll also be able to view webinars on YouTube that include a look at alternative careers in Engineering, Life and Environmental Sciences and Information and Communication Technology.

IMPACT webinars


Animated Flow Charts

View these animated flowcharts for varied paths that can be taken in three different technology sectors, as well as the general emotional path many newcomers experience in finding alternative careers.

IMPACT Animated Flow Charts



Finally, if you like thinking by numbers and seeing a quick glimpse of alternative career topics, check our growing Infographics section. Please click on any of the following thumbnails for a larger resolution copy of the infographics.

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