• are an immigrant and refugee youth between the ages of 14 and 24, living in Metro Vancouver

  • individuals who have been selected to become permanent residents and who have been informed by a letter from IRCC

  • protected Person as defined in S. 95 of IRPA

  • live-in Caregiver or Temporary Foreign Worker

  • Permanent Resident

  • provincial nominees who are still awaiting a letter of approval for permanent residency from IRCC

  • Naturalized Canadian citizen

What you will do

  • Share stories and struggles.

  • Learn how to deal with stress related to school home, work or being in a new country.

  • Make new friends

  • Discuss issues of racism, trauma, discrimination, family conflict, isolation, health and other issues that concern you.

  • Develop skills to become a community leader.

  • Use your skills to help other new immigrant and refugee youth.


Training and Workshops

Benefit from flexible training options including schedules that range from four-session courses to 80-hour, full day sessions; and first-language workshops for youth with limited English.

Communication Skills

Develop facilitation, communication, and public speaking skills from experts in various fields.

Field Trips

Field trips to build connections with community resources.

Exchange Views

Share experiences and discuss common concerns.

Support Others

Opportunity to provide peer support to other newcomer youth.

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