Priority is given to newcomers who have been in Canada for five (5) years of less and those facing multiple vulnerabilites.


Drop-in as well as appointment-based services are available in Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Swahili, French, and English.

What We Do

We support newcomers facing multiple challenges in adjusting to life in Canada, including:

  • Family breakdown
  • Language barriers
  • Social isolation

  • Single parenting
  • Domestic violence/abuse
  • Medical/mental health concerns

  • Pre-migration trauma
  • Prolonged previous stay in refugee camps
  • Economic pressures


Case management services can be provided in person at our offices, at home, in your community or remotely.

Services included:

  • Multi-language support in your first language
  • Information, orientation and referrals on Canadian systems including schools, healthcare, housing and recreation
  • Confidential support to help adjust to living in Canada, both for the individual and family
  • Strategies to deal with stress of settling in a new country
  • Confidence to seek services independently in the future
  • Targeted support for indivdiuals, families, youth, young adults and LGTBQ+

Activities included:

  • 1:1 or group meetings
  • Accompaniment Services
  • Individualized Action Plans
  • Life Skills support
  • Crisis Intervention Support
  • Referrals to Specialized support

Do you have questions about this program?

If you require assistance or wish to refer a client, kindly contact our Case Management supervisor. They will be more than happy to help you with any queries.

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