We provide

  • Assessments on your entrepreneurial interest and knowledge to help you decide the next steps.

  • Online, self-paced modules to help you understand key aspects of starting a business.

  • Assistance in developing a business plan through one-on-one sessions and workshops.

  • Self-employment mentorship in a similar field.


  • Permanent Residents

  • Convention Refugees and Protected Persons

  • Individuals who have been selected to become Permanent Residents, and who have been informed by a letter from IRCC.

  • Live-in Caregivers or Temporary Foreign Workers who have approval in principle.
Success Story

Barbara’s Story

“Business Quest provided me with valuable experience. learning all the details of starting a consulting business. The business advisor was very patient and very resourceful. The videos, resources provided during the program were very helpful. The highlight of the program was the mentorship which has further resulted in more links to other connections.”


Business Plan Development

Receive individual feedback and support from our Business Advisor.


Get matched with a self-employment mentor in a similar field to discuss your business idea or job shadow.

Access to Tools

Access and guidance on self-employment continuum tool​ to assess your interest and knowledge.

Online Learning

Access to six online micro-learning modules on key topics such as market evaluations, budgeting, government requirements, scaling a business, and working as a contractor.

Entrepreneurial Hub

Client Access


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