World Refugee Day 2023 – Hope away from home

World Refugee Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on both the scale of the global refugee crisis, and the daily challenges refugees face, even once they arrive in Canada.

The theme of this year’s World Refugee Day, ‘Hope away from home’, reminds us of the very personal sacrifices refugees have to make in being forced to flee their homes and all they know in search of safety. At ISSofBC we are proud to offer personal support, a warm welcome, and long-term language, settlement, and employment services to assist refugees and other newcomers as they build their lives in British Columbia.

This year, we are excited to be part of two projects that aim to address key issues that refugees face: housing and internet access. You can learn about each project below:

Refugee Housing Canada:

Finding secure and affordable housing in British Columbia is a challenge many of us face. However, refugee claimants and other displaced people face a range of additional challenges when looking for a place to live, including discrimination, limited financial or credit history, and a lack of personal support networks.

These are the challenges Refugee Housing Canada, a new initiative powered by HappiPad, aims to address. By matching generous homeowners who have spare rooms, with refugees in need of medium-term housing, Refugee Housing Canada aims to create affordable housing solutions that benefit both hosts and refugees.

If you have spare space in your home, and want to make a real difference in the lives of refugee right here in BC, please explore Refugee Housing Canada and how you can become a host.

TELUS Mobility and Internet for Good – Government Assisted Refugees (GARs)

One of the biggest personal challenges many refugees experience is struggling to keep connected with their extended family and friends while living far away in an unfamiliar place.

This is why TELUS’ new initiative ‘Mobility for Good’ and ‘Internet for Good’ presents such an exciting opportunity for GARs living in British Columbia. Through this new program, refugees can gain discounted data and internet plans so they easily keep in touch with their loved ones, wherever they may be.

Learn more about this initiative or ask you case manager to start getting the benefits!

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