Refugee Housing Project – Host a refugee and make a difference!

As Canada’s rental market tightens, refugees face significant housing challenges. You can help by renting out spare bedrooms or sharing part of your home to provide a safe and welcoming place for refugees and other displaced people the stability to build their lives in Canada.

This pilot program has launched in Metro Vancouver, so if you have a spare room and would like to help vulnerable refugees or simply want more information please visit:

About Refugee Housing Canada

Refugee Housing Canada is a vital initiative brought to you by Happipad in collaboration with leading nonprofit organizations ISSofBC, MOSAIC, and SUCCESS. Our goal is to provide refugees with a safe and secure home during their transition to life in Canada.

In light of the tight rental market in Canada, finding affordable housing has become a challenge for old and new Canadians, but it can be especially difficult for refugees who face a number of unique challenges including:

That’s where our home sharing program comes in. By connecting refugees with homeowners who have spare rooms in their homes, we’re offering a solution that benefits both parties.

Homeowners can open their homes and hearts to those in need, while also gaining a little extra income, while refugees can rest easy knowing they have a temporary home to start their new lives in Canada.

Hosting a refugee is a hugely rewarding experience, giving you the opportunity to make a real difference in addressing a growing humanitarian crisis in British Columbia. Sharing your home also gives you the opportunity to learn about other people’s countries and cultures, as a compliment to Canada’s growing multiculturalism.

The program will be running for 6-8 months, with the hope of being expanded further to help more and more newcomers to Canada find housing.

The lack of affordable housing has become one of British Columbia’s major public emergencies, and through Refugee Housing Canada, you can become part of its solution!

So please register to become a host below and help build a better BC, thank you:

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