ISSofBC ramps up operations welcoming Afghan refugees

As part of our mission to serve those displaced by conflict, ISSofBC staff ramped up operations to welcome Afghan refugee families to Metro Vancouver after the federal government made a promise to resettle 20,000 Afghans fleeing Taliban rule by 2024.

Currently ISSofBC Settlement Services staff are providing vital services at several reception sites in Vancouver and Surrey to ensure arriving refugees receive the support needed to resettle in Canada. In addition, we have four staff working in Toronto providing technical support to overall Afghan Refugee Resettlement operations.

To date, ISSofBC has welcomed 38 individuals from 10 families with another 51 individuals from 18 families expected to arrive by the end of the week. We anticipate the arrival of 200 Afghan refugees by end of 2021.

For individuals interested in supporting our efforts in welcoming Afghan refugees, check our webpage for information on how you can assist which includes updates and resources on Canada’s Refugee Resettlement Program.

A few ways you can help welcome Afghan Refugees to Canada include:

  • Permanent Housing Leads – We’re searching for housing rentals in Metro Vancouver at rates compatible with the Province of British Columbia income assistance shelter rates.
  • Gift Cards – Individuals who wish to donate can refer to our Welcome to Canada Gift Card campaign to help Afghan refugee newcomers purchase essentials they need as they begin their new lives in Canada.
  • Private Refugee Sponsorship Program – Individuals can also donate to help ISSofBC sponsor Afghan and other refugees reunite with family in Canada. Donations directly support sponsorship such as start-up costs, food, clothing, housing and emotional support for one year.

Note: At this time we’re not requesting volunteers and are unable to accept material donations.

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