Black History Month 2024 – A Guide for Newcomers

When immigrants and refugees first arrive in Canada and British Columbia, they often seek to connect with the diverse history that shapes their new home.

This guide is your compass to the dynamic and impactful story of Black Canadians now and throughout Canadian history. Offering essential resources and insights, it’s designed to foster understanding and appreciation for the rich legacy of Black history in Canada.

As we explore together, discover the stories of trailblazers and everyday heroes who played a key role in the history of British Columbia. This guide is an invitation not only to honor the past but to learn about the new stories of Black Canadians who are shaping modern Canada today.

Whether you’re a newcomer seeking to understand your new surroundings or a resident eager to broaden your cultural horizons, the below article will help you discover, appreciate, and celebrate the contributions made by Black Canadians, new and old.


  1. BC Black History Awareness Society
    • The BC Black History Awareness Society is dedicated to raising awareness about the rich history of Black Canadians in British Columbia. Through various events and initiatives, the society seeks to highlight the contributions of Black individuals and communities throughout the province’s history.
      • Explore their fascinating timeline that shows the history of Black Canadians in BC, including the story of James Douglas, one of British Columbia’s first Governors.
  2. African Descent Society BC
    • The African Descent Society BC is committed to celebrating and promoting the diverse cultures of African descent in British Columbia. The society organizes events and festivals that showcase the art, history, and achievements of the African diaspora in the region.
  3. Hogan’s Alley Society
    • Hogan’s Alley Society is actively involved in preserving and promoting the history of Vancouver’s historic Black community, Hogan’s Alley. The society engages in community-building initiatives, educational programs, and advocacy to ensure the recognition and continuation of this important cultural legacy.


Online Platforms:

  1. Black Strathcona
    • Black Strathcona is an online platform dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of Vancouver’s historic Black community in the Strathcona neighborhood. Through multimedia content and storytelling, Black Strathcona sheds light on the experiences and contributions of Black residents in this vibrant area.
  2. Black Cultural Events – British Columbia
    • British Columbia is an online resource that compiles information about events, festivals, and cultural activities celebrating Black heritage in the region. This platform serves as a central hub for those looking to engage with and support Black culture through various events.

Educational Resources:

  1. British Columbia Black History Curriculum
    • The British Columbia Black History Curriculum, provided by the BC Ministry of Education, offers a structured framework for educators and learners to explore and integrate Black history into the provincial curriculum. The resources aim to foster inclusivity and awareness of Black contributions to Canadian history.
  2. Government of Canada’s Black History Month Resources
    1. Explore the rich history and cultural heritage of Black Canadians with the official Black History Month Resources provided by Canadian Heritage. This collection offers a diverse range of educational materials, event guides, and multimedia resources to deepen your understanding of the contributions and experiences of Black communities throughout Canada.

If you have any recommendations on additional resources that can better inform about Black Canadians experiences or history in British Columbia, please contact

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