Thank you Alano Edzerza for creating the artwork used throughout our Truth and Reconciliation Strategy. Alano is a Tahltan multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our multi-year commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

Understanding, recognizing and appreciating the realities of Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) in Canada is an important responsibility for all Canadians, new and old. 

On June 21, 2024, we are delighted to launch our first Truth and Reconciliation Strategy, developed in collaboration with Indigenous advisors. The Strategy aims for the first time in the Settlement Sector, to make concrete, actionable and accountable steps towards integrating T&R into every level of ISSofBC activities and services. 

Developed in partnership

“We commend ISSofBC for recognizing the importance of this work and for their commitment to advancing reconciliation.

We are honoured that we were selected to write this strategy in partnership with ISSofBC leadership. It is important that every person in Canada understands the true history of Canada and the contemporary reality of Indigenous peoples. We look forward to the necessary and meaningful work that ISSofBC will do to inform and empower newcomers to be successful in BC.”

Kory Wilson, Puglid, Kwakwaka’wakw Nation, Consultant 

Tami Pierce, Ksi Gwiniitsm, Tsimshian Nation, Consultant 

Embedding T&R into everything we do

“Our work with newcomers to Canada of all types, whether permanent or temporary, provides us with a special opportunity and responsibility to promote, educate, and model the practices of T&R. This strategy represents the next phase of this work, and the commitment of our entire organization to be thoughtful, intentional, and accountable for our own development. Like many organizations, we have done some work up to now, but we know this is just the start. 

We thank everyone who has been part of the work to develop this plan, especially our friends, colleagues, and guides, Kory Wilson and Tami Pierce. Their wisdom and knowledge have been instrumental, though any gaps or shortfalls in this work remain our own. We hold up our hands in gratitude and appreciation.” 

Alec Attfield, ISSofBC Chair, Board of Directors 

Jonathan Oldman, CEO

Through this new Strategy we seek to increase understanding and appreciation of Indigenous history contemporary realities, their peoples and rights.   

The Strategy is based on four themes: 

  • Partnership 
  • Respect
  • Opportunity 
  • Leadership 

Within each of these themes are actions, deliverables and timelines over the next three years. 

The strategy also highlights key evaluation criteria to measure our success.

ISSofBC’s Chief Operating Officer, Chris Friesen, is the executive sponsor for the strategy’s development and for its ongoing implementation.

Welcome to our Homelands

In 2020, we worked with Kamala Todd, to create ‘Welcome to Our Homelands’, a video that highlights the diversity and richness of Indigenous culture, history and Peoples across the land we now know as Canada.

Since its creation, ‘Welcome to Our Homelands’ has been translated into over 17 different languages to help newcomers to British Columbia learn about Truth and Reconciliation.

The video also formed the basis of our Reconciliation Awareness LINC Lessons (RALL) program, that has helped English teachers across Canada teach Truth and Reconciliation to their students, whatever their level of English.

Truth and Reconciliation Contact Form

If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions about the strategy, please reach out with your ideas. If you’d like to get involved in our work to promote truth and reconciliation we’d also like to hear from you. To send your feedback, please complete our short contact form:

Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.
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