Micro-Learning Module 1: Your Product or Service Idea and How it Compares

Module 1 looks at product and service ideas. It teaches you to evaluate your ideas in competitive markets. This module briefly explains Market Positioning and related strategies.

Micro-Learning Module 2: Key Marketing and Sales Tools

Module 2 provides information about the materials and tools for networking, marketing, and selling products and services. This module covers marketing tools such as business cards, websites & networking at events.

Micro-Learning Module 3: Using Accounting Apps and Registering your Business

Module 3 covers budgeting, using accounting apps, and government requirements for registration and tax. This module provides information about the basic business financial transactions and managing them on an accounting app. It also briefly explains how to register a business with the government and ensure that you are paying taxes appropriately.

Module 4: Launching a Side Business While Employed

Module 4 provides information to launch a side business while working. Most entrepreneurs start businesses while working in a job, whether it’s a job in their field or a transitional job. This module briefly addresses some obstacles that entrepreneurs may face during their journey. It also explains tools such as minimum viable product development and the wheel of life for overcoming some of those obstacles.

Module 5: Contractor vs. Employee-What’s the Difference?

Module 5 includes information on working as a contractor. For many people the line between contractor and employer is not clear. This module explains differences between contractor and employer under the Employment Standards Act of BC.

Module 6: Scaling your Business

Module 6 provides information on scaling an existing business. This module briefly explains the differences between scaling or growing, and it discusses strategies for scaling a business.