What we do

  • support refugee claimants in navigating Canada’s refugee determination process
  • provide first language settlement and housing services for refugee claimants in BC
  • support refugees, refugee claimants and recent immigrants living with HIV
  • provide services based on mutual respect, diversity and inclusion

SOS provides drop-in as well as appointment-based services in Spanish, Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Swahili, French and English.

  • All refugee claimants who need assistance with the claim process or with settlement issues
  • You must have at least one original identity documents (I.D.) from your country of origin. For example: Passport or travel document, birth certificate, marriage certificate, school records, national I.D. cards, voter registration card.
Locations Available


Settlement Services include:

  • orientation and guidance through the refugee claim process
  • assistance with filling out government forms such as refugee claim, work permit, BC Medical Services Plan, Income Assistance, permanent residence applications
  • support in applying for Legal Aid for the refugee claim process
  • assistance in accessing and navigating the Canadian health care system
  • cultural orientation and adjustment counselling
  • general settlement services such as support in finding housing, employment, enrolling in English classes, school enrollment
  • connecting refugee claimants with local communities
  • referrals to other community services as needed such as mental health services, housing providers, employment counseling services

Housing Services include:

  • general information on the Greater Vancouver rental market
  • customized housing assistance, based on the client’s preferences, budget, and special needs
  • assistance with connecting to landlords and building managers to facilitate renting opportunities
  • information on low-cost furniture stores and donation centres

Heath Supports include:

  • support for refugees and newcomers living with HIV
  • health promotion services including the creation of a wellness plan and information on healthy living

Contact us

Email: contact@sosbc.ca
Call: 604-255-1881