ISSofBC’s LINC program utilizes current technology trends, contributing to a dynamic classroom environment that improves language learning.

Classes at different levels have access to:

SMART Boards

These touch-screen smart boards:

  • allow teachers to create interactive digital lessons where you can manipulate words and images to aid your learning
  • interact with learning applications which let you send answers to the board or let the teacher know if you understand the lesson or need more help
  • bring more audio visual elements into language learning

Online Blended Learning through Moodle LINC

As a CLB 4 to 8 student, you have access to the ISSofBC Online Learning Site:

  • each class has an online blended learning component taught by the teacher
  • there are new listening, reading and writing activities on the topic being studied in your class each week which are monitored or marked by the teacher
  • along with English practice, you also get individual feedback from the teacher on your skills

ePortfolio (LINC for Employment – CLB 7 and 8)

An ePortfolio:

  • is a dynamic, interactive social media resume allowing you to showcase your skills and accomplishments to employers
  • includes an audio or video introduction, visuals of your qualifications such as degrees, training certificates and awards, brief descriptions of past employment, and photos or videos highlighting past or current projects
  • helps you stand out to employers – and find work!

Digital Cameras and Voice Recorders

In LINC classes with digital still cameras:

  • teachers create photo stories of class events or field trips for you to describe and practice language
  • allow you to capture and review your dialogues and presentations to improve your speaking and pronunciation
  • provide teachers with a record of your skills for evaluation and feedback
  • capture pictures, videos and audio recordings that connect your learning to real-life experiences, and makes language learning meaningful

Online Learning through Janis’ ESL Website (LINC CLB 1-6)

Students can take advantage of Janis’ ESL Website, which includes:

  • videos and English language learning lessons related to the monthly topics being taught in class
  • links to other ESL activities on the internet for extra practice

Some lessons are available for free to anyone in the community, while others are available only to ISSofBC LINC students with a password.

Janis ESL

Computer/Mobile Labs

All ISSofBC LINC locations are equipped with computer labs or mobile labs, which provide you with opportunities to:

  • learn English at your own pace with English language learning software
  • do internet research, create presentations and write assignments.