• Are a landed immigrant, caregiver (with open work permit), refugee claimant or naturalized citizen
  • Have basic computer skills

  • Are a woman
  • Are interested in pursuing a career in tech

  • Have Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 6 or higher

What We Offer

  • Introductory web development and web design
  • Connections to job shadow and tech volunteer opportunities

  • Technical language skills to work in the digital industry
  • Networking with women in tech and connections to mentors

  • Job readiness and soft skills training
Success Story

Newcomer engineer jump-starts her tech career

Even with an engineering degree and some IT work experience, Prachi had little luck finding a relevant job. But joining a unique ISSofBC program that provided a combination of skills training and job readiness coaching saw her successfully employed five days after completing the program.


Personalized Training Development

Action planning to identify career goals for training focus.

Tech Industry Communication Training

100 hours of language training (8 weeks) to learn vocabulary and communication for the tech (IT) industry.

Coding and Design

5-10 weeks of part-time coding and design classes including introduction to web development.


8-week practicum component with opportunities to put new tech skills to practice.

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