Women’s peer support participant shares program success

During the 14-week training in ISSofBC’s Immigrant Women’s Peer Support Program, Maricel Loling says she learned about effective facilitation, broadened her understanding of multiculturalism and most of all, that she is not alone in her journey.

The Immigrant Women’s Peer Support Program provides mental, physical and social support to immigrant and refugee women experiencing challenges during their integration process.

“As one of the participants of this program, I learned a lot about my community and the resources available for immigrants like me. I learned that it might seem to be impossible to survive in Canada at first, but one should not be discouraged because with every step of the way, there are people who would take your hand and lead you to where you want to go,” she said.

The comprehensive training is delivered over a period of 12-14-sessions where participants learn facilitation, individual peer support skills and examine cross-cultural societal issues along with their peers.

“I am grateful for the opportunity of knowing that even in the unknown places, there are always hope for us, and in unfamiliar faces, we can find special friends. I am truly delighted and grateful for all the tears, the laughters, the fun, the life experiences and the lessons I learned from these beautiful people, the pains and hopes we have shared together, and the journey that I took with them even for just a short period of time,” she said.

Maricel completed her facilitation training this December and shared her story with ISSofBC.

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