Welcome Guide prepares newcomers for life in Canada


The federal government has unveiled a revamped guide to help immigrants settle in Canada — a document that includes everything from how to open a bank account to Canadian marriage customs.

CIC’s new flagship publication is intended to be the official handbook to assist immigrants in preparing to come to Canada and to help them navigate their way during their first months here.

For the first time, the guide informs newcomers about practices that will not be tolerated in Canada, including honour crimes and marriage fraud.

The document also highlights stories from immigrants who have successfully settled in Canada, with advice for newcomers.

The guide is offered to all immigrants upon arrival in Canada in hard-copy form, as well as in PDF and e-book form.

Along with the revamped welcome guide, the federal government offfers an online tool to help new immigrants devise a customized settlement plan once they arrive in Canada.

The Come to Canada Wizard asks users a series of questions and, based on their answers, offers a personalized settlement plan. Newcomers can take that to their local settlement agency in order to devise a more comprehensive plan.

Since the launch of the Come to Canada Wizard in August 2011, CIC reported 4,000 visits per day with a total of 1 million hits as of April 13, 2013.

Click on the links below to download a copy of the Welcome to Canada Guide or to access the Come to Canada Wizard.

Welcome to Canada Guide
Come to Canada Wizard 

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