TechPong 2015 – The Dun & Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center Donates to ISSofBC Welcome Centre

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What happens when you mix tech, ping pong and an appreciation for Wes Anderson Films? TechPong!

TechPong is a ping pong tournament in which leading companies in Vancouver’s tech sector participate by sending their best ping pong players to raise money for a charity of their choice. As the global community witnessed a dramatic increase in violence in Syria this year, TechPong committed towards raising funds to help Syrian refugees fleeing violence and persecution.

This year, The Dun & Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center participated and raised nearly $1,000 to donate to the ISSofBC Welcome Centre. Representing the team was Nima Hazar, a software engineer who had his game face on and took the time to answer some of our questions in the packed Imperial Vancouver, where the tournament was held.

“I am really happy that I took part in TechPong this year” remarked Nima “I missed it last year, but I heard great things about it and the event lived up to expectations.”

Nima agreed on the importance of fundraising to assist refugees fleeing violence. “The Crisis in Syria has been really heart-breaking and honestly this is the least we can do to help devoted people like ISSofBC make life of refugees better”

The generous donation that The Dun & Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center provided was facilitated through Chimp’s online platform that provides easy transfer of donations from individuals, advocates and companies.

The ISSofBC Welcome Centre will be a unique, first-of-its kind facility in BC, providing multiple services to refugees and newcomers in one building. Donations and support go directly towards the development of the Welcome Centre and its programs and services assisting refugees and newcomers.

“It made me really glad hearing about the new Welcome Centre that ISSofBC is building” Nima added, “the Syrian refugees have been through a lot in the past four years being way from their homes and their cities. I believe the Welcome Centre will give them the opportunity to get back on track and start seeing the light in their lives again.”

Over 25 Vancouver Tech Companies participated and donated to NGOs and charities assisting refugees. Thanks to the work of all teams involved, Chimp and generous donors, over $72,000 was raised for the tournament!

The Dun & Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center is a leading cloud-based analytics software developer, with the world’s largest B2B database and large, growing global customer base. Recognized in its start-up days as a leader in business reporting and cloud analytics, The Dun & Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center has assisted many businesses maximize their use of cloud based computing.

Hosted by Chimp and SHOES.COM, the event drew a huge crowd of tech sector professionals and community members. With teams dressed to impress in outfits inspired by the Royal Tenenbaums, it was a fun event that raised money and awareness for a truly important cause.

ISSofBC would like to extend special thanks to Morris Chapdelaine, The Dun & Bradstreet’s Community Engagement Manager. We appreciate his dedication in coordinating the ping pong team, prompt responses to our questions, and most importantly, selecting the ISSofBC’s Welcome Centre as their charity in the TechPong tournament. ISSofBC looks forward to having the entire team present when the Welcome House opens in 2016.

Thank you again for your generous donation to the Welcome Centre and your contribution to assisting refugees!

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Looking for way to contribute, visit our donation page.

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