Syrian refugees: after year two in BC

Over two years after arriving to BC as part of the largest refugee resettlement initiative in Canadian history, 40% of Syrians who arrived as Government-Assisted Refugees (GARs) are in full-time or part-time jobs, according to a survey conducted by ISSofBC. This figure is double the 17% reported a year after their arrival.

These are among key findings after ISSofBC surveyed 241 Syrian adults who spoke for their households representing more than 1,000 people who arrived in 2016.

The survey results, published in a report “Syrian Refugee Operations to British Columbia: Taking Stock Two Years after Arrival” was released this morning during a press conference at ISSofBC Welcome Centre.

The conference included personal stories from Syrian youth Ola Al Abbas and Omar Al Adawi who spoke about their journeys of resettling in Canada and the support they received from ISSofBC to help them adapt to their new lives here.

In addition, Raghda Hasan and Nihal Elwan from Tayybeh, a successful catering company that supports Syrian women newcomer chefs, spoke on the importance of sharing their culture by connecting to community through dinners with Canadians who helped them feel welcome in their new country.

Almost all of those surveyed for the report said they were glad they came to Canada and they intend to become Canadian citizens.

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