Staff share expertise on ePortfolios among peers

ISSofBC staff recently showcased their expertise on ePortfolios, a tool to improve clients’ language, soft skills and employment readiness, at Cannexus14, a national career development conference held in Ottawa late January.

The ePortfolio is a collection of online files that allows users to showcase evidence of their achievements including certificates, awards and education. Users also reflect on their experience and skills as they build an ePortfolio, and learn about how to best represent themselves to employers.

ISSofBC’s English Language Services for Adults (ELSA) program implemented portfolios for language assessment in 2011 for students and teachers to track progress in English language learning. Staff has now built on this model of providing evidence of ability to create a pilot project to introduce ePortfolios in ISSofBC ELSA employment programs.

“Ultimately our clients will have the ability to take ePortfolios with them as they move between language and employment interventions,” said Clifford Bell ISSofBC Director of the Language College & Career Services during the presentation in Ottawa.

The concept of the pilot project is to help students build and manage their online profiles beyond the traditional social media platforms such as LinkedIn, to ensure potential employers receive information students want them to see on the internet. In addition, the project helps students learn about the BC labour market, craft targeted resumes and develop interview skills to assist them in obtaining their career goals.

This was the second time in a few months ISSofBC’s workshop on ePortfolios was selected at a conference. Prior to Cannexus14, staff presented at the national prior learning conference –CAPLA – in November 2013.

Presenters on ePortfolios were Clifford Bell; Lisa Herrera, ELSA Lead Instructional Coordinator;  Janis Fair,  ELSA Technology Coordinator; Freda Fernandes, Manager Skills Connect; and Don Presant, President of Learning Agents.

EPortfolios will be implemented in the new Citizenship and Immigration Canada LINC for Employment program at ISSofBC in April 2014.

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