Staff present at largest ELSA Net Conference

November 22, 2013

During BC’s largest English Language Services for Adults (ELSA) professional development conference, ISSofBC staff presented one-third of the 35 sessions to a total audience of over 700 peers.

ELSA staff from across the province attended the ELSA Net Conference, themed Communities of Practice, at the Vancouver Convention Centre November 4. ISSofBC staff presented on a number of topics specifically for instructors and coordinators including using online tools and resources, preparing students for workplace success and self care for service providers.

“The sessions presented by ISSofBC staff were all very well attended. All the presentations were informative and gave an opportunity for ELSA staff to connect, and share their expertise and experience,” said Donna Woo, ISSofBC ELSA Coordinator.

ELSA Net committee members and student volunteers from ISSofBC and other service providers helped organize and run the event such as putting together conference packages, preparing name badges and setting up the registration and presentations. This was the first time ELSA students were recruited to help out at the conference.

“This was not only a great opportunity for students to network and get Canadian work/volunteer experience, but to also learn more about ELSA Net and gain insight on what their teachers and schools do and how they could better support English learners,” Donna said.

ELSA Net is a society of ELSA service providers in BC aimed at empowering its members to help their clients achieve language and resettlement goals by providing leadership, communication networks and resources.

ISSofBC staff presentations included:

Show and Tell: ELSA Teacher Perspectives  on Online Tools
Janis Fair, Paul Carter, Brad McKeage, Andrea Szakos

Student Portfolios: What Goes In and What Teachers Do Next
Lisa Herrera

Sharing Strategies and Resources for Supporting Literacy Learners in the Classroom
Diana Jeffries

Beyond the Warm-Up: Simple Techniques to Get Students Ready to Learn
Wellington Reynoso

Demystifying CLB Lesson Planning
Claire Pinkett, Frances Clarke

Teaching Outside of the Box – Techniques to Support Classroom Learning
Diana Jeffries

Task-based Learning: Designing Projects for Higher Level Classes
Claire Pinkett, Frances Clarke

Communities of Practice in the Classroom and Beyond
Theresa K. Howell, Andrea Szakos

Talking about Pain: ELSA Lesson Package – for Literacy to Level 5
Caroline Pendleton, Erin Swayze, Shirene Salamatian

ELSA Teachers’ Experience Implementing Student Portfolios
Lisa Herrera, Janet Massaro, Roz Hart, Sandy Gidda, Donna Mackniak

Giving Back – Lessons Learned through 30+ Practicums
Paul Carter

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