Staff demonstrate ISSofBC’s strengths in ESL industry

ISSofBC Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) staff shared their expertise among peers early May during Canada’s premier English as a Second Language (ESL) conference in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The 24th TESL Canada Conference, titled Land of Living Languages, covered an array of topics from examining the vibrant language landscape in Canada to learning about the spectrum of specializations across the teaching profession. The three day conference, May 8 to 10, included over 135 workshops and seminars from the industry’s leaders including three from ISSofBC staff.

ISSofBC’s LINC Instructional Coordinator (IC) team demonstrated strength in Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) lesson planning and in language assessment with two well-attended presentations: Demystifying CLB Lesson Planning and Diagnostic, Needs, Formative and Summative: Clarifying Assessment Types and Uses. The IC team also presented an original ISSofBC LINC lesson package on learning how to talk about pain when visiting a doctor, which is available free to language teachers through ISSofBC’s ESL resources and Tutela, the national repository of ESL material.

“After the assessment presentation, one of the participants commented to us on how she had seen us present a few times and was impressed with how we worked together. We have been thanked many, many times for the information and resources we share and the clear, accessible way we share them,

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