Newcomers tour source of Coquitlam drinking water

Do you know where your last glass of water came from?

A group of ISSofBC Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) students and friends do after participating in an engaging and informative tour with a Coquitlam Watershed Interpreter and Forest Worker Thursday, July 17.

The ISSofBC Volunteer Connection Program took LINC students and friends for a tour to the Coquitlam Watershed to learn about drinking water infrastructure and giant old-growth Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir trees.

It was a memorable experience for staff, students and newcomers to be among friends while learning more about the environment and a precious resource that sustains Metro Vancouver.

“I found the watershed tour was very informative. Seeing how the students and newcomers reacted. I will recommend it as a future field trip for other students. I learned that very few people are aware of the Coquitlam Watershed and I aim to let others know about it,” said Elsie Decena, Volunteer Connections Facilitator in Coquitlam.

Metro Vancouver manages three protected watersheds to provide 2.3 million residents with a clean, reliable and affordable supply of drinking water. Every summer, they open the Capilano and Coquitlam Watersheds to the public by hosting guided tours.

Among the activities for the ISSofBC tour group were a visit to the 1931 Water Intake Tower, berry picking, learning more about the environment surrounding the Coquitlam Watershed, and enjoying the beautiful panoramic views of Coquitlam Island and Coquitlam Lake.

View photos of the event

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