LINC student and survivor of Hiroshima tells her story in Squamish

One-time ISSofBC LINC student Sachi Rummel recounted her personal experience of surviving the Hiroshima atomic bomb and delivered a message for peace during a presentation at ISSofBC in Squamish Tuesday.

Rummel spoke in front of a Squamish LINC class about her recent memoir “Hiroshima: Memories of a Survivor” published this past year. In addition Shaw TV came to film the presentation as well as shoot a personal interview.

“Sachi’s story was especially compelling because she was a student here at our school and has close ties with the Squamish community. Her presentation had a profound impact on our ISSofBC students providing some insight and understanding to newer generations about the extreme risks of nuclear weapons,” said Erica Taylor ISSofBC LINC Instructor & Marketing Outreach & Student Support Coordinator.

Rummel shared her story as young girl in Hiroshima surviving the atomic bomb that was dropped August 6, 1945. Her home was 3.5 kilometres from the epicentre, and despite losing a large part of her family, Sachi survived. She went on to marry a Canadian from West Vancouver whom she met in Japan during her studies and they migrated to Canada.

She started classes at ISSofBC in Squamish in 2013 then exited the program in 2015 to publish her memoir.

Rummel now tours the Vancouver area presenting her story to elementary, high school, and university students, as well as the general public — spreading an anti-nuclear message of peace and love.

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