ISSofBC volunteers welcome newcomers to Coquitlam

“Welcome to the City of Coquitlam!” This was how 50 ISSofBC LINC volunteers greeted new and long-term residents participating in a community orientation event Wednesday at City Hall.

The event, called Welcome to Coquitlam, was a great opportunity for residents and newcomers to learn about the City’s many programs and services, and the wonderful variety of recreational and volunteer opportunities available.

“50 LINC students were actively engaged through ISSofBC Volunteer Connections Program as volunteers at the event greeting the visitors, assisting with first language interpretations and providing event information,” said Ewa Karczewska, Manager of the ISSofBC LINC program in Coquitlam.

In addition to the volunteers, ISSofBC LINC classes in Coquitlam visited the event and had an opportunity to interact with Mayor Richard Stewart and city councillors to learn about programs and services offered to residents.

“I learned about sports programs and library services” I also got a list of doctors. It was a great opportunity to practice my English, ” said one LINC student from ISSofBC who attended the event.

For more information about volunteering at ISSofBC, visit Volunteer Connections.

View photos of the event

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