ISSofBC staff to train regional teachers on student portfolios

October 29, 2013 –

Lisa Herrera, Lead Instructional Coordinator for the ISSofBC ELSA Program, is now one of 12 Regional Coaches in Canada to train and support lead teachers in the implementation of Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA).

PBLA is used to assess and evaluate student progress in language learning referenced to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)—a national language proficiency standard used to guide the teaching and assessment of ESL learners.

“I am truly excited to be part of the national implementation of PBLA and to have the privilege of working with coordinators and lead teachers from across the country on this initiative,” she said.

ISSofBC’s ELSA program is among the leaders in BC in the area of student portfolio assessment. The tool was implemented in all ISSofBC ELSA sites in 2011. In the upcoming provincial ELSA Net Conference this November, four ISSofBC ELSA instructors will present their insights and experience in using student portfolios in their classes.

“I feel very proud of the thought and care that has gone into developing student portfolios at ISSofBC, particularly the hard work and input from ELSA teachers and Instructional Coordinators at all sites which has led to a successful model,” she said.

This initiative is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada( CIC) and the training for coaches and lead teachers is offered through the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks.

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