ISSofBC New West moves operations

ISSofBC New Westminster packed up its operations this November and moved locations to Royal City Centre at #280-610 Sixth Street.

Along with improving access to ISSofBC for many New Westminster clients currently settling in the Uptown district, this move also places the organization in greater proximity to services frequently sought by clients, such as the New Westminster Public Library across the street.

“Our visibility for clients is much greater here in the service hub of New Westminster and many students commented the new location was closer to their homes and easy to get to,” said Maliha Mayeed, evening Program Assistant for LINC in New Westminster.

Operations at the new site started Monday, November 24 thanks to staff and volunteers who worked hard to pack up, clean up, and then unpack and regroup — all with a minimal disruption to services.

“Kudos to our incredible IT team, staff and volunteers for their commitment and endurance in getting us operational,” said Andrea Solnes, ISSofBC New Westminster Site Manager.

ISSofBC New Westminster offers Settlement, MAP, LINC and Skills Connect services for newcomers.

“Please visit soon and see our fresh but familiar look for yourself,” Andrea said.

View photos of the new location

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