IS says farewell to longtime teacher


From chalk boards, to white boards to smart boards, ISSofBC’s Audrey Suchoplas has written the ABCs on all of them throughout her career as an English language teacher.

However, after over a decade of teaching students, training teachers and instructing workers, Audrey retired from the International Studies Division (IS) to become a full-time grandmother.

Over Audrey’s 13 years at ISSofBC, she played a vital role in IS instructing teachers in TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages), TEC (Teaching English to Children) and Pronunciation classes. In addition, she supervised a variety of practicum students and carried out Workplace English contracts off-site at various Vancouver companies.

Bonnie So, ISSofBC Division Manager of International Studies said Audrey’s warm presence in the classroom provided students with the push to learn.

“She really gave students encouragement and hope,” she said.

In addition, Audrey was a key teacher in off-site Workplace English classes at a number of well-known companies including the Sorin Group which specializes in building heart valves for the medical industry.

Bonnie said because of her confidence and good people skills, she was successful at bringing her teaching abilities wherever she went.

With Audrey’s departure from ISSofBC comes the arrival of a set of new teachers including Martin Karakas who now teaches TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) classes and substitutes in other IS programs. He has a Master in Arts in translation (English/Spanish) and also speaks French.

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