Goodbye to a welcome presence at the Welcome Centre

Constable Tyler Radons of the Vancouver Police Department’s diversity outreach program received a rousing send-off by ISSofBC staff yesterday, leaving no doubt the affable and popular policeman, who had become a familiar and welcome presence at ISSofBC’s Welcome Centre the last two years, was going to be sorely missed. Tyler is taking on greater responsibilities within VPD.

Tyler received a certificate of appreciation presented by ISSofBC CEO Patricia Woroch that cited him for his “service and contributions as inaugural member of the VPD Diversity & Aboriginal Policing Unit working with ISSofBC.” “Your involvement and dedication has had a positive impact on our clients and staff,” Patricia read from the certificate.

Through his lively, informative sessions on policing in Canada delivered to various groups of ISSofBC clients, and his enthusiastic, informal interactions with ISSofBC clients of all ages, language levels and ethnic backgrounds outside of the workshop room, Tyler succeeded in building a better understanding of VPD’s work and role in the Vancouver community. On his last week at ISSofBC, Tyler visited all the LINC classes at the Welcome Centre, giving over 250 students the opportunity to ask any lingering questions about the VPD. But most just wanted to wish him well.

Never one to be lost for words, Radons admitted at the send-off gathering that it was different this time. “I’m very moved and humbled,” he said, adding that due to his experience at ISSofBC, “I have profoundly changed as an officer, and as a man.”

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