Employment Program of BC research project

A research project undertaken to examine the impact that the introduction of the Employment Program of BC (EPBC) had on employment services for immigrant job seekers in the City of Vancouver has been completed, and the results distributed to select stakeholders including government and EPBC service providers.

“It is our hope that the recommendations put forth in the study would be considered and would lead to improving access to employment services by immigrants,” said Lily Lim, who together with MOSAIC’s director of employment Joan Andersen, served as co-chair in the Advisory Committee that comprised major immigrant-serving organizations such as SUCCESS, PICS and Multicultural Helping House Society.

The research project, jointly sponsored by ISSofBC and MOSAIC, was conducted over the course of a year and a half and sought to provide snapshots of employment services provided to immigrants by immigrant-serving organizations under the defunct Legacy programs and by contract holders and their partners under the EPBC.

The Legacy Programs’ snapshot covered the period of January to March 2011 and the EPBC snapshot was taken from January to March 2013.

Members of the Advisory Committee provided input at every stage of the project. Findings and recommendations were shared with the EPBC contract holders in Vancouver and their feedback sought for inclusion in the final report.

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