ISSofBC employees celebrate staff service awards

Staff group photo to celebrate years of service helping build a future for newcomers to Canada.

Over 250 ISSofBC staff from all locations in BC gathered together for an afternoon of networking, speeches, and a service recognition award ceremony during the All Staff Meeting Tuesday, September 11 at the Hilton Hotel in Burnaby.

The annual awards recognize employees across the organization for their years of service to ISSofBC.

ISSofBC CEO Patricia Woroch and Board of Directors President Jim Tallman congratulated a total of 44 staff during the awards while their coworkers cheered, blew noise-makers and displayed name signs of support. 12 employees received recognition for five years, 23 for 10 years, three for 15 years and three for 20 years of commitment to ISSofBC. In addition, Brenda Horth, Lisa Herrera and Firouzeh Payvandi were honoured for completing 25 years of service to the organization!

The meeting also included guest speaker Lynda Gray, member of the Ts’msyen Nation and author of First Nations 101 who provided an overview of the diverse and complex lives of First Nations people.

Congratulations to the awardees on completing these amazing milestones in your careers!

Thank you to all the staff who helped organize this wonderful event and to volunteer photographers Ermin Badzak from Badzak Creative and Anna Tashlykova for capturing the special moments.

View photos from the event

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