Drake Street arranges the seven s’s of Nowruz


ISSofBC staff put together the traditional food and display of Haft-Seen in celebration of Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

Staff at Drake Street celebrated Nowruz Wednesday, March 20 with Persian tea and pastries, along with the Haft Seen (Persian: هفتسین‎) or the seven ‘S’s.

The Haft Seen table includes seven items all starting with the letter seen (Persian: س) in the Persian alphabet.

The main items are:

Somagh (sumac): symbolizes the colour of sunrise

Serkeh (vinegar): symbolizes age and patience

Senjed (dried fruit from lotus tree): symbolizes love

Samanoo (sweet pudding): symbolizes affluence

Sabzeh (sprouts): symbolizes rebirth

Sib (apple): symbolizes health and beauty

Sir (garlic): symbolizes medicine

Nowruz is very much a cultural celebration in Iran and has been celebrated for centuries. It is customary for families to gather around the Haft Seen at the moment of the Spring Equinox and celebrate the transition from winter into spring together.

This year Nowruz was celebrated at 4:01am on March 20.

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