Child Care Sevices span three decades of early education


With over 27 years of finger painting, block building, story time and snacks, ISSofBC’s licensed Child Care and Child Minding services continue to enrich children’s lives in the Lower Mainland.

The goal of ISSofBC’s service is to help parents who otherwise would not have access to child care and child minding study English and receive other program services while their children are well-taken care of by qualified staff.

ISSofBC’s Child Care Centre at Terminal Avenue in Vancouver offers both morning and afternoon services from a team of certified Early Childhood Educators (ECEs). Currently the centre has 29 children whose ethnicities span from Ethiopian to Russian.

One unique activity at the Vancouver Child Care Centre is a scrap book for each child. ECE Supervisor Ana Delgado says the log books are visual memories and a glimpse of how each child spends his or her time at the centre. “The books are full of photos, paintings and other arts and crafts that children share with their parents and take home,” she explains.

Meanwhile at ISSofBC’s Richmond Child Minding Centre, which opened its doors last November, the number of children is steadily increasing and is nearing capacity. The centre currently has 21 children including a two-year old boy who comes from a family of opera singers. The parents delighted the staff last month with an amazing live performance.

Richmond’s ECE Supervisor Josee Lavallee says the ISSofBC staff are just starting to get to know the families and settling into a routine. “This has been a very interesting journey. We continue to make small changes to our environment to accommodate the families that are coming to our program,” Josee explains.

ISSofBC operates three Child Care or Child Minding facilities for students and clients in the 11 communities the organization serves in the Lower Mainland and BC as well as offers spaces through other licensed centres.


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