Why you need an e-portfolio


You are reading this on a screen, so you already are active online and getting information from the Internet. Surely, you know you are not alone in this. Employers do it, too.

The question is how actively are you controlling your own online reputation and presence?

A quick Google search of your own name will give you a hint. These days, we are all Googling each other and the results are 1) revealing, 2) occasionally surprising, and sadly for some job seekers, 3) horrifying.

If your experience has been 3), talk to friends and acquaintances and ask them to take down embarrassing photos or comments about you. Then build your e-portfolio so that the results of a search give you a strong, positive online presence.

ISSofBC offers e-portfolio development with Mahara, a program that lets you upload a mix of text, image and media files. Rich in information about work history and accomplishments, Mahara e-portfolios offer a well-rounded portrait. We believe in the power of e-portfolios to present anyone to the world. Here’s why:

1)    Traditional resumes are dying.

Sad but true, those two sheets of paper rarely compete with an employer’s Google search of your name. Don’t agree that the traditional resume is on the way out? Check out this recent article in Forbes:

The writer compares the filtering of information. In a traditional resume, the writer chooses what to include. In a Google search of an applicant, the employer does the filtering, sorting through information to find relevant skills and experience. Some employers feel they get more truth from Google.

Although resumes may be on the way out, rules that govern organization of the information remain. Apply them to your e-portfolio and LinkedIn profile. Plus, until the traditional resume actually flatlines, you can embed it in your portfolio.

2)    An e-portfolio is less restricted than a resume.

You have much more space to present yourself on the Internet. No two-page limit to curtail your creativity.

3)    An e-portfolio is much more attractive than a resume.

Traditional resumes don’t allow you to have videos, images or sound files. E-portfolios do. They are just like a website and you can use multiple elements to demonstrate your skills and talents.

4)    E-portfolios allow you to review and reflect on your career.

All that information you used to keep in a master resume (or in your head) can now be stored electronically and reflect your vast career experience. You can see yourself (and strengths and weaknesses) in a longterm way, which helps you with decision making and planning.

5)     E-portfolios show proof you are part of the 21st century.

The creation of an e-portfolio requires some computer and Internet skill. You seem a lot more computer savvy than if you are just carrying around paper and albums of your work.

LinkedIn is only one result; more is better

Use multiple social media sites to create a strong online presence. An e-portfolio that lives at www.yourname.com would be ideal and sure to top the list of search results. Add LinkedIn and others that you have built.

Now that I have urged you to create an e-portfolio, let me also suggest that you shouldn’t panic about it. Patiently assemble your online materials to produce quality. Many of us have work that doesn’t show up online; start finding ways to move it into cyberspace. Scan, upload, collect. These are the first steps to making your e-portfolio and manage your online presence.

Gwen PawlikowskiAbout the Author: Gwen Pawlikowski is a freelance writer and entrepreneur who has also worked as an ISSofBC employment counsellor with newcomers. She lives in New Westminster and loves the diversity of the Lower Mainland. Please click here for information on ISSofBC’s career services.


39 thoughts on “Why you need an e-portfolio”

  1. E-profolio is a good and new idea for me since I didn’t update my resume for five years. Making an e-proflio can show what I’ve done in the past 5 years in pictures, in sounds that may attracts employer’s more attention. I should start building my own e-profolio for my future using.

  2. This important and modern tool – ePortfolio – is the reflection of the new technological and modern life that we are living. It’s true that nowadays a paper résumé is considered “old fashion” and we all have to update our metods, but personally I think that all this “on line” stuff is going to damage our privacy somehow. We have to be careful and use a lot of moderation.

  3. It is not easy to mention about e-portfolio because I don’t have any concept of e-portfolio.
    But I think it is good and also have some problems that we do not know.

  4. An e-portfolio help us when you looking for a job more convenient than traditional resume. In addition, it can be offer variable information about personal career. So you can get a lot of opportunity. These days, in many companies(especially IT sector), employers or admission offices generally request an e-portfolio, so it is a wise idea to have an updated one on hand.

  5. E-portfolio are not only tools for students, but can be used by teachers.
    Users can add sound ,pictures, graphics and video to the electronic portfolio, also do not have to worry about losing documents. E-portfolio help you connect your educational experiences with your personal experiences. I think is very helpful to have their own e-portfolio.

  6. Hi there.

    I do agree on your points and there are some points of mine.
    I think an e-portfolio dose bring convenience for the employers and employees. However,there might bring some unfairness. There might be and image of work searcher,so those who prefer not to put their photos one the e-portfolios may not get the chance to have an interview.(Employer might judge from the book).On the other hand,I don not think e-portfolio is like identification,people can read our working and life experience on line.Traditional resumes have limits to pages,formats and employees can lie on their application. Since e-portfolio is open to almost everyone,it reduces the possibility of lying.

  7. I ​totally ​agree ​with ​this ​article ​but ​I ​found ​two ​missing ​aspects ​of ​e-portfolio. ​One ​is ​that ​e-portfolio ​is ​available ​to ​be ​updated ​and ​it ​is ​easy ​to ​do ​so. ​Another ​is ​that ​this ​article ​assumed ​that ​readers ​are ​searching ​their ​job. ​There ​are ​certain ​number ​of ​people ​who ​do ​not ​have ​to ​find ​a ​job ​in ​ISS ​of ​BC ​students ​and ​this ​article ​is ​not ​for ​them ​obviously.

  8. Using an e-portfolio is as necessary as having a network in finding job process.These days the Internet play a not negotiable role in our modern life.Who has so many time to read papers these days? Instead, all the electronic documents can be searched and processed by computers. Then create a professional Linkedin profile and connect with all other co-workers is considered as a proper way or even backdoor for someone who tries to find a job position!!.

  9. The author had mentioned that people can “customize” their e-portfolio in a strong and positive online presence by asking their friends and acquaintances to take down embarrassing photos and comments. That means it is not very reliable. I am not active on uploading information online, I just do searching usually, am I lose out?

    1. Hi there
      In this modern decade you need to update yourself with usual and popular social medias. linkedIn helped many people to find job or to promote their job level. Trust it and don’t worry about uploading documents or pictures which can prove your expertise. Good Luck.

  10. In todays generation where technology almost takes everything, I think e-portfolio is one of the useful tool to know for job seekers. With e-portfolio, aspiring employees can present themselves in a creative way through videos and pictures, in that way employers might discover potentials and hidden skills that in a written resume may not be visible.

  11. An e-portfolio shows your professional, your computer skill which is important in nowadays, highly respect and take it seriously. Create your own e-portfolio at one time and then you can maintain your resume as many times as you want easily. You can upload your certifications once and then print them out many times. But if someone wants to pretend to be you, it’s also easily to get all of your personal information. How to balance the advantages and disadvantages? I create my e-resume in a e-file and save it in a privacy place instead of keeping in internet cloud drive.

  12. I agree that e-portfolio is an inevitable trend now. It is an essential skill to use computer and internet for a good job. No one can be exempt from it if you’re looking for a job with good pay. In the past, it’s not easy to revise resume and cover letter unless you re-write it. E-portfolio is easy to compile anytime you want. In addition, you can sent your e-portfolio to the companies you are interested in. More chances yo could be seen, more chances you got hired. Thus, create your own e-portfolio now!

  13. Hi Pawlikowski:
    This is the first time I know we should have an e-portfolio. I think I should make an e-portfolio to introduce myself, although I have a job know. If I have an e-portfolio, I think I can have more opportunities. Thinks again.

  14. Hi Gwen

    The internet and social network are more powerful tool, and could be changed the job hunting nowadays. But I don’t agree some of your point.

    First of all, I don’t think the traditional resume are dying. Some company still requires those resume and cover letter. For me, the manager asked me to send my resume before job interview.
    Second, I don’t want to open my information on the e-Portfolio( like Linkden ) How do you protect my privacy? I don’t think it necessary to make an e-Portfolio.

    My point is I can’t ignore the reality, but I don’t have to make your e-Portfolio if you don’t want to open your information.

    Thank you.

  15. I agree your contentions. E-portfolios are now used in place of traditional resumes. I used the traditional resumes long time ago. We have the limits on showing our resumes. However, E-portfolios solved the problems. We can have videos, images or sound files on an e-portfolio. We don’t worry about that we don’t have neat writing. We must learn to adjust to the electronic society.

  16. This is very useful information. I agree that an e-portfolio paints a much more rounded truthful picture, and it is much more interesting, but this also means much more work for the job-seeker.

  17. I agree your contentions. E-portfolios are now used in place of traditional resumes. I used the traditional resumes long time ago. We have the limits on showing our resumes. However, E-portfolios solved the problems. We can have videos, images or sound files on an e-portfolio. We don’t worry about that we don’t have neat writing. We must learn to adjust to the electronic society.


  18. I think it is very helpful to your career making an E-portfolio for yourself.

    Firstly, just like the post said, E-portfolios are just like website and they allow you to have videos, imagines or sound files, thus E-portfolios are more attactive and flexible than traditional resumes.

    Secondly, comparing to traditional paper resumes, E-portfolios can store all the information electronically and there is no page limit, so E-portfolios can reflect your strengths and weeknesses in a more comprehensive way, therefore you can plan your career better.

  19. These days all activity going to do by internet and if we want to have good progress in our life, we have to update our information the same as today technology. Recently most of the employer going to get CV or resume online, some of them make online form or resume and wanted from employee to fill those forms and some other check your resume from some website such as LinkedIn.
    I have e portfolio in LinkedIn and Facebook. I think these two are so popular and if some one need to check my past experience, he can check.

  20. Create your own e-protfolio so that you can maintain your resume easily. You can upload your certifications once and then print them out many times. But if someone want to pretend to be you, it’s also easily to get all of your personal information. How to balance the advantages and disadvantages? I create my e-resume in a file and save in a privacy place, so I can maintain my portfolio and print it any time when I need it and keep it in save.

  21. Hello everyone:

    The internet is so popular in the world nowadays. Keeping out of the trend is not wise.
    Making an elaborate e-portfolio is helpful to find a job. When you are searching a job online, the employers can search you in the meantime. It’s more efficient in finding a job.


  22. E-portfolios is just one of the ways that you find a job. But it can increase the chance of finding a job.
    Essentially, the key of finding a job is still yourself.

  23. It is very good for having my e-portfolio,it is kind of resume that i can load my pictures and videos,let more people to know you.

  24. The traditional resume all looking same cant catch eyes on,then e-portfolio it proof your computer skills it`s a very impotent in 21st century cause almost every work use internet complete by online and save time,the point is “time is money “

  25. In these days, most people use the computer and the internet. Therefore, the pattern of most tasks of job and life is changed so fast. We used to documents like resume, application forms to keep or submit by using papers. Every company has been also changed computerization. They look for employees by on-line and off-line like newspaper and media. And they would receive the resume by e-mail. In this case, both candidate and company do not have enough to appeal and check because of restriction, such as curtailment of list. However, an e-portfolio can be showed more detail information to company, and can be modified it at any time. The most company has been looking for new employees, who are energetic, creative person. As Gwen mentioned above, the e-portfolio is better than resume. It is more efficient, convenient, and especially trend of today.

  26. As we are in the 21st Century more and more people are using the world of computer. People are more aware about using internet technology and work it as a tool for everything. I will not be surprised why the Traditional resume is dying when it comes in looking for work. Based on the article said the two sheets of paper is competing on employers search for a new employee. Since you cannot put most of your wonderful experiences because your trying fit everything you run out of space. I remember writing my very first resume to be hand out on my first job. It is very tight and not fair to tell and show everything you have because I am worried that I will consume the two pages without an ending. LinkedIn is a very savvy and much 21st century when it comes in e portfolio, no limit and add some more features like video, picture, and sound. I think employers are more likely to used that and they have an idea who and what kind of applicant you are. This is a very strong way to be find by most employer.

  27. I realy agree with Gwen’s opinion. I think e-portfolio is more important and more popular use than traditional resume. Because almost everyone can use computer and internet in moden society. any people don’t know each other can communite and get information quickly with internet. If you created your e-porfolio. Everyone can easy to search your e-porfolio ,then understand your backgroud by internet. It is convenient to show your experience , ability,interesting.ect.

  28. E-portfolio is very efficient in collecting feedback,it might be positive or negative ,you can review this opinion and improve this disadvantage .

  29. Dear Pauline:

    Thank you very much for introduce the e-portfolio to me. This is really fresh thing for me and I want to try to build one for myself. Also I believe this is a very fashion and effective way that show me to the employers. This will be a convenient way to connect employers and employees. However, I like this idea very much!


  30. Hi Participants:
    What is your reaction to the statement that employers can decide if you are a good candidate for a job in their company by googling your name?


      1. To creation of an e-portfolio can let more employers can see my resume from internet , it can help me have more chance to find a job , but old tradition resumes cannot show up to different employers ,

    1. Yes , Pauline. I know Linked In is popular and my business people have Linked In account.
      I will create my e-portfolios online and maybe I can find a good job in future.

    2. Hi Pauline . I have read this blog about Why you need an e-portfolio. I think people use internet is popular. Everyone use computer at anywhere .So we should leave our information carefully ,because google can search all our information and people can see it.
      I know Linked In is Popular in business and professional people,and now many people use Linked In to show their work experience ,use Linked In to find new job.
      Use e-portfolios can unlimited for your curriculum vitae ,and can give more people see it. So it is better than traditional paper resume.

    3. In my opinion, an employer should be given right to search his or her candidate’s information through social media profiles. It is really important to be concern about our digital identity to create a positive image from our-self in employers’ mind.

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