What job search animal are you?

January 31 marks the 2014 Lunar New Year and many of us will think about dumplings, lion dancing and dollars in red envelopes. We’ll also be reminded of the Chinese Zodiac and the Year of the Horse.

The horse shares the spotlight with the other 11 animals depicting various characteristics of strength and weakness. The year of your birth will determine which animal is your representative.

Just for fun, we thought we would turn things around. Rather than matching animals to birth year, we chose to match four animals and their traits to job search behaviours. Take this quiz to see which of the four animal types most closely describes you.

1.  You decide to improve your resume. You create:

a) an infographic with the season’s hottest colours

b) a photo-filled e-portfolio with a friendly, funny YouTube video introduction

c) a traditional chronological resume filled with powerful action verbs

d) a traditional chronological resume sprinkled with spectacular adjectives; if only you could add emoticons!

2.  When asked to tell about yourself in an interview, you:

a) try to give as much information as you can—you don’t want to miss anything

b) answer in a witty way that makes the interviewer laugh supportively

c) confidently describe yourself as you have learned to do in job search class

d) capably blend your work interests with your personal enthusiasm for sports. Go Canucks!

3.  In the interview, when asked to describe your strengths, you:

a) feel doubtful about your abilities

b) say one or two words, but don’t go into more detail or give examples

c) list several of the strengths others have mentioned: this is your chance to shine

d) smile and dramatically tell the story of the time you convinced an angry customer to come back to your organization.

4.  After a job interview, you:

a) reflect on your answers and make notes about what you said so you can improve for next time

b) just want to forget and cleanse your mind of the experience; what will be, will be

c) regret all the questions you didn’t answer perfectly: if only you had prepared one hour longer

d) feel both happy and fearful, but send an upbeat thank-you email to your interviewer.

5.  If you don’t get the job, your reaction is:

a) pessimistic: you lament the economic conditions

b) hopeful for the next opportunity; this didn’t work out, so something else is in the future

c) angry: what the heck?

d) surprise: you were interesting and thorough, so why didn’t they pick you?

Now for the results of our quiz. See if you agree with your assessment.

If you chose mostly a) answers, you are a horse: an ingenious communicator (if a little too talkative), somewhat flamboyant and can be pessimistic if facing failure.

If you chose mostly b) answers, you are a rabbit: you like beauty and like to communicate with humour, but you don’t always delve deeply into topics.

If you chose mostly c) answers, you are a dragon: ambitious, confident (sometimes excessively) but fiery. You work hard to attain perfection.

If you chose mostly d) answers, you are a monkey: quick-witted, lively, you love movement and sports. Sometimes, you are a little arrogant and have erratic moods, but when there is a problem, you usually fix it.

If you would like to know more about the descriptions of Chinese zodiac animals, click here.

To learn more about effective job search, check out our ISSofBC programs. They’re great for everyone, regardless of your zodiac animal.

Gwen PawlikowskiAbout the Author:
Gwen Pawlikowski is a freelance writer and entrepreneur who has also worked as an ISSofBC employment counsellor with newcomers. She lives in New Westminster and loves the diversity of the Lower Mainland. Please click here for information on ISSofBC’s career services.

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