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Student testimonials

Location: Vancouver
CLB Level 4
Name: John
I appreciate my teacher. Because she is special and tries to promote the education of her students so all students love her. I want to say thanks to all staff whom work hard and try to make this community the best.

Location: Richmond
CLB Level 2
Name: (From left)Yu Jiao Zou and Shu Hong Zhang
I like the computer lessons and teachers (Yu Jiao Zou)
I like the teacher and classmates (Shu Hong Zhang)

Location: New Westminster/ Burnaby
CLB/LFE Level 5/6
Name: Julia
This program gives me opportunity to study English, and learn and understand my new country and culture.

Location: Tri-Cities
CLB Level 4
Name: Ying Ge
I am from China. My teacher is Gayane. I like very much ISSofBC – my school. I could understand a little English when I came to ISSofBC last year. After more than a year of learning, I can understand most that the teacher says in the class now. I also can go shopping, even return something alone. I can understand more what my neighbours say. I think that LINC Program is very helpful and useful for me. I appreciate ISSofBC.

Location: Maple Ridge
CLB Level 3
Name: Natalya
ISSofBC is a place which gives me opportunity to improve English, get knowledge about Canada and Canadians. Every day I feel I develop, because every day I learn a lot of new things about culture of Canada and other countries in English. The topics chosen at my school are very useful and timely for my life in Canada. As for me one of the most important things in the daily life are amicable relations between people, and LINC class made that possible as I made new friends. I am glad to see them and I am happy to watch them improve their English skills.

Location: Squamish
CLB 7/8 Online
Name: Nicoleta ‘Noni’
I started the online course to learn English for my future study and professional development. I realized my progress since I started this online class, and this is helping me to be more confident and positive regarding my future. My teacher is awesome and she is a true model for me and she is very passionate about her class and students. She helps me with everything I need to know and to learn regarding my field of interest, my future professional development, how to improve my social skills and adapt to the Squamish community.