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Preschool testimonials

Name: Doreen

Children attending Preschool: Mathew age 5

Location: ISSofBC Welcome Centre

Length of study: 2 years

"Mathew really enjoys the preschool. It's a very nice place and he learns a lot. Every morning he is in a rush to get to school so he can meet his friends and learn new things. We are very lucky to be a part of this program."

Name: Hwiyub

Children attending Preschool: Anna age 4

Length of study: Since October 2016

Location: ISSofBC Welcome Centre

"At first it was a struggle for Anna to come to the preschool but after she got use to it she really looks forward to  playing and learning with other children. It's different from other preschools as there are 4 staff  working with 10 children. It's a very comfortable place for Anna."