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Special Projects


ISSofBC's Preschool and Childcare Centres nurture creativity in newcomer children through special art projects.

Have a look at our archive of past special projects below.

June and July the preschool children explored clay--the process started with small slabs, then we added water and let the children learn how to work with the clay. Once they knew how to mold and make shapes they began creating pieces they wanted to dry and paint. This process was then celebrated with a small Art Show in our preschool where a Power Point Slide Show showed the many pictures of the children at work.

Back in February the ISSofBC Preschool started an Eagle exploration with both the morning and afternoon classes. This started out by watching an eagle family with the children via a live web cam on the internet and included eagle exploration and documentation. Johnny the Falcon and Alva the Barn Owl also made a guest appearance  to help teach the preschool students and client families all about bird wildlife in Metro Vancouver facilitated by O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society's Judy Williamson.

ISSofBC’s Preschool hosted a unique art exhibit at the Welcome Centre showcasing student work using natural materials and wooden canvases to create leafmonsters, cardboard towers ,and wall art.

Students have also been exploring photography through children’s eyes and photographing each other as they use digital cameras.

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