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Career Services

Sector Guides

The B.C. Employer’s Guide to Hiring Internationally-Trained Engineers offers helpful information for any organization that recruits and hires workers from the engineering sector. Check it before an interview for background economic, educational, professional and cultural information on the engineering sectors of Iran, China and the Philippines. You may find you understand your newcomer candidate much better.

The B.C. Employer’s Guide to Hiring Internationally-Trained ICT Professionals presents quick info on sectors where newcomers with computer-related experience have worked in China, the Philippines and Iran. If you glance through this before an interview with a newcomer from one of these countries, you’ll have better insight into his/her experience and way of working.

The B.C. Employer’s Guide to Hiring Internationally-Trained Life Sciences Professionals shows the background technology sectors of life science in the Philippines, Iran and China. By quickly reviewing the info inside, you’ll have a better understanding of a newcomer who has gained experience in one of those countries. You’ll see the potential benefits and challenges each newcomer offers, all in a useful, but easy-to-skim document. Use this before an interview to maximize your understanding of selected newcomers in this field.

The Selection Toolkit  is a resource for Job Interviewers, Workplace Coaches and Mentors to guide professional newcomers looking for employment opportunities in BC. This guide includes tips on how best to assist newcomers through interview processes in Canada and to recognize how best to utilize talents of newcomer professionals.