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B.C. Technology Employer Selection Toolkit

Take a Tour of the Tools in IMPACT’s Selection Toolkit

Tool 1 Self Assessment: This self-assessment is intended to be completed and returned by the applicant several days before they arrive for their interview.

Tool 2 Sector Knowledge Test: A Sector Knowledge test provides evidence about the candidate’s knowledge of sector-specific matters that are critical to the job function.

Tool 3 English Writing Test: The ability to write in English is essential for most technical and professional jobs.

Tool 4 Essential Skills: The ITA Essential Skills Passport submitted by the candidate focuses on Essential Skills ,which are the foundation skills of reading, numeracy and document use.

Tool 5 Personality Tests: Personality tests intended for personnel selection contain a series of questions or tasks.

Tool 6 Practical Test: A short practical test is invaluable for any recruitment, whether for newcomers or Canadians.

Tool 7 Interview Plus: With the help of a few of the previous tools, the interview becomes much more of a dialogue to which a candidate can more fully contribute and show his/her capabilities.

Tool 8 Identifying Alternative Careers: Since a recruiter or HR person has spent time assessing a candidate, he/she will have developed some key impressions that can be useful for the candidate to understand. Even a short talk about alternative roles will be helpful  to a newcomer job seeker.

Tool 9 References: Being open to newcomer hires means being open to unorthodox references and thinking outside traditional referees.

Tool 10 Rejection: Inevitably, at the end of many interviews you will have to inform the candidates that they will not be recommended for hire. A short, helpful bit of guidance here can make a rejected candidate a champion for your company, not to mention offer a new direction for him/her to pursue.

Tool 11 Learning Plan for Hired Candidates: The assessments from Tools 1 to 6 and in particular Tool 7 (the Interview) will all identify aspects of the candidate’s knowledge, skills and behaviours that may need development.

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